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About Me


                                                                                   Hi, welcome to my page...


                                                                                   My name is John Porter, and my path is unconventional,                                                                                     to say the least. It has taken me from early adversity to                                                                                       entrepreneurial success. After being raised in an abusive                                                                                     home by alcoholic parents, I dropped out of high school                                                                                     at age sixteen and proceeded to become emancipated                                                                                           from my parents. However, I realized the importance of                                                                                       a diploma, so I quickly earned my GED after leaving                                                                                           high school. Furthermore, I started as an electrical                                                                                               apprentice, and despite dropping out of high school, I                                                                                         quickly climbed the ranks from an apprentice to an electrical foreman by the age of nineteen. This early experience laid the foundation for my leadership skills    and work ethic. At twenty-five, with my partner, I founded an electrical contracting company. During our twenty-six years, we've grown significantly and now maintain as a mid-size electrical contractor that can employ more than 300 employees.  

With our business's success, I could set my sights on other goals. Despite the significant setback of dropping out of high school at forty-six armed with a GED, I embarked on a path for higher education that many considered improbable. I enrolled at Golden West Community College, pursuing an associate degree in political science. My time at Golden West was marked by a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to academic excellence, culminating in my graduation with honors. This success propelled me into the next chapter in my journey at UCLA. While there, I am pursuing a bachelor's in political science and continue to put in immense effort, and my results have proven positive. I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am in line to receive multiple honors recognitions at graduation. My results highlight my commitment to my studies and my academic potential.

Furthermore, I started PME Charitable Group, a non-profit that has supported the education of children and women fighting breast cancer in Mexico for the past 12 years. Over the next decade, I aim to extend similar support in the United States to overcome educational challenges in underserved communities.


Additionally, in 2023, my journey took another exciting turn when I joined Layer 9 as an advisory board member, a startup focused on hyperscale data centers in Latin America. 


Moreover, my entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to create construction software to revolutionize my industry.

My journey from overcoming personal and professional hurdles to founding and leading successful businesses, founding my non-profit, and creating innovative software as I prepare to bring it to market and my drive for further education embodies resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of growth.

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