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My Education

At UCLA, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Latin American Studies, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. My coursework includes diverse and challenging subjects such as Congress, Supreme Court, Politics of Latino Communities, International Relations Theory, Authoritarian Regimes, and Political Violence. I engaged in a year-long thesis program under faculty guidance, which has led to the creation of a comprehensive 91-page thesis recognized for departmental honors. This project has allowed me to delve deeply into geopolitical analyses and demonstrate my commitment to scholarly excellence. Additionally, my participation in the College Honors Program has required me to meet rigorous academic and co-curricular standards, further enriching my educational experience. My time at UCLA has not only expanded my knowledge and analytical skills but also reinforced my passion for political science and international relations.

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During my time at Golden West College, I pursued an Associate Degree in Political Science with unwavering dedication, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout my studies. My coursework included American Government, History of Latin America, Intro to Political Science, International Relations, and Political Philosophy, all of which provided a solid foundation for my academic journey. I consistently achieved President's List honors each semester, reflecting my commitment to academic excellence. Additionally, I was an active member of the Sigma Honor Society, which further enriched my collegiate experience. The rigorous curriculum and supportive academic environment at Golden West College not only honed my analytical and critical thinking skills but also prepared me for my continued studies at UCLA, where I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science.

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